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Artist Statement                                                       

About My Work

MacMy work is a foundation for me to gain a better understanding about life. My work is emotionally driven and often an exact interpretation of the truth. My subject matter is chosen as carefully as the colors I use. And they dictate the feel of the painting. I paint like I draw, in a very tactile way; my use of line is thick then suddenly thin and curvy. I paint as a blind man or a man that can only see the subject. My focus is: fall in love and let it go. This is what I’d consider a successful painting. I’m not sure if the audience can tell at all how or what I felt while I was painting. However, I can tell you that from the start 'til the end, the process is as important to me and as powerful at each and every stage. Even in the conceptual stage. There is nothing I find in this world more enticing than creating, painting, presenting it to you and letting go of it.

Every aspect of my paintings is driven by my ambitious nature to acknowledge these images, they are necessary. My art is not a loose interpretation of the truth, but rather a record of the events that took place.

- Mac, Artist

*Photo by Jessica Conlon, Evolving Images

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